A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The year is 2017, six months after President Donald Trump came into power. The first thing to fall was the economy. The price of hotdogs skyrocketed. People starved. The world fell into ruin, while the wealthy basked in the artificial sunlight that was reflected off the smoke clouds pouring out from Trump Tower.

The president crushed any and all conflict with an orange fist, spending his nights trawling Twitter for any who opposed him.

All hope is not lost. A network of rebel agents are in position to hit several key targets that if successful, will bring safety and stability back to the world...

Install instructions

Both OSX and Windows Versions are in throne zip. There is no way to quit from within the application so CMD+Q on OSX and ALT+F4 on Windows ;)


OverThrow.zip 71 MB

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